Friday, October 28, 2011

Last Day in Bucharest ..

Well I spent most of today in Sinaia.  A car from the palace picked me up at 9 a.m.  Gorgeous fall day,  It was about a two hour drive to Sinaia, up and up into the Carpathian Mountains.  We also passed the Ploesti oil fields.

A wonderful tour of both palaces.  Most people skip Pelesor, which is smaller than Peles Castle, but just as interesting.

Most of my post have been written after two a.m, after the events and a night cap in the hotel bar.  What fun.  Early afternoon flight to Amsterdam tomorrow, where I stay overnight and then a early afternoon flight to D.C.


AceOfSpades said...

Very cool, Marlene! The pictures that you've posted have been awesome! Looks/sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Radu said...

Without your blog, Marlene, this event would have been but poorly covered. So what did you think of our Bucharest ?