Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bucharest Day 4

I was interviewed on Romanian Television today when leaving the Elisabeta Palace.    The brunch was fab. Queen Sofia brought her cute little Yorkie, Tipsy, with her, and Tipsy spent a lot time on Queen Anne's lap.

Wine, coffee, quiches, cakes, fruit and, of course, birthday cake.   What an awesome place to visit - this is where Michael was forced to abdicate in 1947.  

Took a massive amount of photos, and a small selection will go up later, but right now I am off to the History Museum, and then come back to change for the theatre and dinner with the Royal Family and other guests.  Tomorrow a reception at the palace, and that's it for events. On Friday, the entire Royal Family return Switzerland,  and I head to Sinaia.  One of the Crown Princess's drivers will be taking me.

Tonight we attended a performance of Royal Fashion, and had a Roumanian dinner at the Bure Bista restaurant.


Laura said...

What an amazing experience you are having, Marlene. Thank you for keeping us updated and enjoy the rest of the celebrations and your trip.

Rex said...

Who's a lucky girl!