Monday, November 29, 2010

Report: George of Greece engaged to Victoria of Wales

November 29, 1898

By Special cable to the New York World and the Chicago Tribune.

Greek court circles are reporting today that Prince George of Greece is engaged to marry Princess Victoria of Wales.
Such a "marriage would unite two of the most interesting personalities in the younger generation of royalty in Europe.  The marriage would be "exceedingly popular" in England as Prince George, the second son of the King of Greece, "possesses all the robust virtues, including good seamanship, which enter into the English idea of manhood."
Prince George is said to be the idol "of his father's people and the pride of his family."  There is "no member of any royal family who approaches him in stature, vigor, and daring or independence of the restraints with which his order is hedged about."
Two years ago, during a severe storm in the Bay of Piraeus, "he "sprang overboard from the frigate under his command," to save a sailor who had fallen overboard.   By "sheer physical strength, he succeeded in saving the young man.
It comes as no surprise "that such a character should fulfill the unusually lofty ideal of the Princess Victoria of Wales."  The princess is "the most self-willed of the royal house of England and her matrimonial prospects have been a source of some anxiety to her father and grandmother."  The Princess has "repeatedly vowed that she would marry for love or not at all."

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