Monday, November 29, 2010

Ferdinand yearns for prodigal son

November 29, 1926

By Wireless to the New York Times.

King Ferdinand of Roumania is suffering from acute cancer of the large intestine.  "Well-informed sources" in Bucharest believe that the King is very ill, but some think "he may temporarily recover and live for some time."
Most of the official information is "consistently misleading," and the public remains skeptical of official communiques regarding the true condition of the King's health. 
A Roumanian diplomat, who has close ties to the Court and Government, spoke to the New York Times regarding the "persistent rumors" that former Crown Prince Carol was returning to Bucharest.
"I know for a certainty that the King last night expressed bitter disappointment at his son's absence from his bedside while he is so seriously ill.  I know Carol wants to come and see his sick father.  I am also informed -- though may be wrongly - that Carol has not the slightest desire to return as Crown Prince."
The Roumanian diplomat was unable to explain "what was preventing fulfillment of the desire of the sick father and distant son to see each other."   The law that established the Regency  "forbids Carol to re-enter Roumania for ten years," but it is believed that "the present exception" could be made to allow Carol to see his father.   Former premier Bratiano and Premier Aversecu are both against allowing Carol to return to Roumania, albeit briefly.

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