Monday, July 19, 2010

Sprain for Prince Leopold

July 19, 1880

It was "officially stated" today that "while salmon-fishing" in Quebec, Prince Leopold "met with a slight accident and sprained his leg," the New York Times reports.
In Toronto, a dispatch from Quebec to the Globe reports: "The cause of the early and unexpected return to England of the viceregal party is the indisposition of Princess Louise."
She has been ill since her departure from Quebec for Metapedia "on the salmon-fishing expedition," and has been suffering from "nervousness and sleeplessness." The visit to Metapedia was "was cut short by about a fortnight." The princess's doctors believe that her illness is the result of the accident she suffered last winter in Ottawa, "when she was thrown out of her sleigh, sustaining a cut on the side of her head." The princess's "entire nervous system is upset. She has been advised by her doctors to visit several German spas, after which she will spend some time in England before returning to Canada.
There are no further updates "respecting the health of Prince Leopold." He and his sister, "with their respective staffs, will sail together by the Allan Line steam-ship, Polynesian, on July 31.

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