Friday, July 23, 2010

Prince sells washing machines

July 23, 1946

Even princes have to work, especially if they live in exile. Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia, a nephew of the Duchess of Kent, was discovered today in Bristol "selling washing machines for a living, according to the Associated Press.
"Great future in them," the prince, a strapping 24 year old, told reporters. "After all, I have to earn my living, and this is an up and coming industry.
The Yugoslav royal family came to England during the war, but the monarchy was formally abolished on November 29, 1945, when Premier Marshall Tito established a republic.
Prince Alexander, "now a 200 pound 6 footer, is the son of Prince Paul, the former Prince Regent for the then minor King Peter. He has been using the name "Mr. Alexander."
The prince's boss, Maj. Beddington Behrens, chairman of a London distributing firm, hired him "nearly two years ago."
Behrens said: "He's doing a great job.

Prince Alexander is the eldest of three children of Prince Paul and Princess Olga, who is the Duchess of Kent's eldest sister. Prince Paul is the first cousin of the late King Alexander, who was assassinated in 1934 at Marseilles.


John said...

Marlene, did something better come his way in terms of employment? Or, did he continue in sales?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

He worked at different jobs but did well in marriage. He married twice, Maria Pia of Italy, and then Barbara of Liechtenstein. Two sets of twins born during the first marriage -- His and Hers.

John said...

Twins! Like a matching washer and dryer!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this Major Beddington-Behrens was the same as Sir Edward B-B who was married at the time (as her 1st husband) to Princess Irina Sergeievna Obolensky (1917-96)