Tuesday, July 20, 2010

President Roosevelt to welcome royal refugees

July 20, 1940

The Royal Family of Luxembourg will arrive on the cruiser Trenton at Annapolis, Maryland, in Wednesday, and when cruiser reaches Washington, D.C., President Franklin D. Roosevelt will be on hand for a "warm personal welcome," United Press is reporting.
The "royal refugees" do not include Grand Duchess Charlotte, who remains in Lisbon. The remainder of the family, including her husband, Prince Felix, and their six children, are all on board the ship. The Luxembourg government "asked and received haven" in the United States after their country was overrun by the Germany Army. As "recognized ruling heads of a friendly nation," the royal family was invited to come aboard the cruiser, "returning home after completing its tour of duty with the European squadron."
Prince Felix is expected to be the luncheon guest of the President, "perhaps on Thursday."

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